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FTB: Feed the Beast Tutorials Ep. 2 - Basic Machines for a Successful Startup

Tutorial 2 of the Minecraft Feed the Beast mod pack. Today, I focus on machines that are essential for a quick, successful, and painless startup with various machines (macerators, generators, extractors, furnaces, and the batbox).

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Wayfarer Foothills - My Journey Through Tyria

So, this is a new set of posts which I hope to be putting up regularly: it is my journey through the different parts of Tyria through screenshots. Expect to see a lot of beautiful scenery, a lot of gravity hating me, and a lot of me being in places where I shouldn’t be able to get. So… let’s get started!

Let me introduce my human Guardian... next to a Norn female...

Let’s start off quickly in Hoelbrak. Yes, I know this is meant to be Wayfarer Foothills but I just want to make a point: NORNS ARE ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE! This is me, a human Guardian, next to an average Norn female. And just to put things into perspective…

This is me next to a Norn child.

…this is me next to an average Norn child. I feel so small in this zone, I really do. Anyway, to the Wayfarer Foothills!

The Bear statue at one of the entrances to the Wayfarer Foothills

This is one of the entrances to the Wayfarer Foothills, framed by this giant statue of a bear.

The start of the epic mountainscapes that look amazing

More mountains!

More mountains!


Time for the epic mountainscapes! These are some of the snaps that I took in my travels of things that I thought looked stunning, despite having to run my graphics in medium. Seriously, if barren snowy mountains can look this beautiful on a lower graphics setting then I can’t wait to see the rest of Tyria. For now, on to the random things that I encountered during my travels.

And no Wurm shall live on this day

There was a lot of Wurm murder.

And this was just a bad idea.

I tried, I died, I rez’d, I ran. No Icebrood Elementals shall be harmed on this day. I thought there were people inside already fighting. Boy, was I mistaken!

I sure did have a bad time.

Yeah… this was a bad idea. I sure did manage to escape thanks to being a staff-wielding Guardian, but it was close.


This is a Skale close up, with some Barracudas in front. I was a brave soul that day letting myself get that close… just kidding, I was already running for my life. I have a terrible habit of pulling the aggro of every hostile mob within a 50 feet radius.


More height references from the Norn zones! Yes, I am the same size as a chair. I know I’m small, but this is just ridiculous. I never want to meet a Norn in real life if they really did exist. Ever.


*inset random complaint about gravity hating me here*



Glitched much?

Graphical glitches amuse me greatly sometimes, such as this one. Don’t bury yourselves in snow like this guys - it’s detrimental to your health!

Hardest. Boss. Ever.

Now this guy just wouldn’t die. Clearly the hardest boss-level mob I have fought. We were hitting this guy with everything for a good 10 minutes before he finally went down. People int he area weren’t happy with their ranking for defeating him: those who were in the front lines like myself and the warriors only received bronzes and silvers, where some elementalists who turned up as he was almost dead received gold. Regardless, still the hardest mob I’ve faced, or maybe every other mob has just been melted because of the masses of people flocking to the scene.

My prize for beating the hardest mob in the zone!

…and that’s is for my journey through the Wayfarer Foothills! For an area that is mostly coated in a layer of white with barren mountains, this was most certainly a fun area to explore, although my rivalry with the game’s gravity sure did send me plummeting to my death more times than necessary. 

Regardless, I shall venture forth and continue my “photographic” journey through Tyria, one screenshot at a time!

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A Week Has Passed Since Supremopete’s Server Went Live…

…and already there have been some awesome builds, all made from people grinding all the materials that they required for their builds. In this post, I plan to flaunt the buildings that I have seen that I believe to be a spectacular achievement to have made from scratch, starting with absolutely nothing.

So first we have this creation by Lord_Blackwoods:

Lord_Blackwood's Home on the server

Made entirely out of wood, it must have taken him an age to collect enough materials to even contemplate making a building as large as this, especially when a server is quite often close to being full. The small balcony, the leaves acting as ivy climbing the walls, and the ornamental trees in his porch make the house seem like a very homely family house.

This next building belongs to TheSumProject:

TheSumProject's "Project"

For those that cannot tell what this is, it is a wooden and glass pyramid built in the sky, in layers, with a central pillar of stairs for entrance into this building. Personally, I think this is stunning to look at, especially when you think about the sheer amount of effort and imagination this building must have taken to build. So far, it only contains a bed, but I’m sure that this will change in the future. Oh, and I believe SupremoPete finds the boat ride from the top of the building most enjoyable.

Finally in this post is the creation of Xexima61:

Xexima61's Mountain House

Although you cannot see the entirety of this build, you can see the effect that this player is aiming for; his house stems right through the mountain that it is built in, jutting out in all it’s glassy glory at various points throughout the landscape. From the looks of the stairs on the roof, I believe there may be an extension coming soon to this project.

I will be posting more images throughout the coming weeks of the buildings that I see in Supremopete’s server. Remember to check out his Youtube channel for information about the server and to also watch his videos.

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kandahpanda asked: Why cant you play Viktor against Karthus? Karthus isn't able at all to even poke you, your range is just to high and your damage output aswell , wheres your problem? Plus you got a Stun and slow field, where he only got his barricade :P Just sayin, miau miau miau miau, I'm just stalking the League' - Tag miau miau miau little cat.

My Viktor play is hit or miss: I either own the lane with him, or I am terribad and just end up feeding xD hence I never play him unless I’m in a premade who is willing to let me play him :P

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Penta kill!!! PENTAKILL!!! As a player who mains support, who’d have thought I’d get a PENTAKILL!!! =D Oh, and I can’t play Viktor against Karthus for the life of me >_>

Penta kill!!! PENTAKILL!!! As a player who mains support, who’d have thought I’d get a PENTAKILL!!! =D Oh, and I can’t play Viktor against Karthus for the life of me >_>

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An Example of the “Beautiful” League Community

So I just finished a game with a 5v5 premade group who I play with all the time. The entire enemy team got reported after their trash talking in the [all] chat, 3 of which stated that the game was “easy” at the end. This continued into the post-game lobby:

My team: TY

My team: you guys

My team: man

——: tf so naab

——: twisted is a minion

My team: you make it so damn easy to report

My team: your right

——: i farmed well


——: hah

My team: i dont play mid

My team: see you guys in tribunal

——: noob team

My team: i did it to have fun

My team: good job ruining that

My team: Pro community…

——: run pony run

——: see you guys at elo helll !

——: :D

——: you were good minions

——: tf garde la peche

——: i just amazing

My team: You’ll be stuck there too

——: bye

——: im

——: i die 8 times for help you and you didn’t win…

Oh League of legends community, you sure are a shining example of how good the gaming community is. The few of you guys ruin it for the rest of the good guys. GG.

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